Process of my project for my bachelor thesis, a shoe for the sport Le Parkour.

I started with a deep research of the sport itself, about its history, anatomical information, who is doing it, why he or she is doing it.

I also did interviews with people who exercise Parkour and I had several chances to observe them actually doing it to find out more about possible problems of existing shoes.

to the final product

In the beginning of my concept phase I tried to generate as many different ideas as possible so that I could filter out the most promissing ones afterwards.

Based on the information of my research and observations I used sketches and moodboards to develop different concepts fastly.
After having selected some of those concepts I started to develop these concepts further and spread them out again also with the help of fast prototypes in different forms. I.E. I used taped aluminum foil and foam models for the form finding process.More defined design models in foam followed and I started to prove some of my

ideas in functional mock-ups to be sure, my ideas to be working.

Important mock-ups in this case were for example to prove the function of the aspired fastening of the shoe.

The last step involved modeling the shoe in Rhinoceros 3D.
For the manufacturing of the final model rapid prototyping technologies were used.

If there is interest, the full documentation of the whole project can be provided via email.