My bachelor thesis "980 TATOU" is a specially designed trainingsshoe for the sport Le Parkour, which is mostly practiced in urban environments.

A big problem is, that in most cases sportshoes are used, which are designed for other sports like skating or running. But when used for Parkour those shoes are facing different circumstances which results in big disadvantages like fast wearing out times or insufficient sensitivity for the ground because of too much shock absorbability.

One difference of the concept compared to most other sportshoes is the configuration in several parts. Outer sole and inner shoe are seperated from each other which enables a replacement of certain parts instead of replacing the whole shoe after one part has been worn out.

Sole and outer shoe form one flexible part consisting of a rubber like material. This guarantees grip not only on the bottom side. Differing wall thicknesses assure better protection and longer lasting times of the often frequented spots especially in the front. But still because of its rips the shoe keeps an excellent and essential movability for performing Le Parkour.

Instead of shoelaces flexible bands are used which also allow a high level of customization for expressing group membership for an instance.

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